South Asian Society of Georgetown University

Dear Pritam Spiritual, Foundation,
As your global sponsor from the United States of America, we would like to congratulate and thank you for 25 years of exemplary service. We are extremely proud to support such as humble and hardworking organisation. We hope to see you grow exponentially in the next few years and will continue to built this partnership between Georgetown’s South Asian Society and Pritam Spiritual Foundation.
Our respective communities and countries deserve more organisations such as Pritam Spiritual Foundation. We are grateful for your service as we have seen the outstanding result that Pritam Spiritual Foundation has achieved in the last 25 years.
We initially chose to partner with Pritam Spiritual Foundation because we wished to support to growing, successful charitable organisation in India. We are confident that we have found that we have found the ideal organisation to partner with because you have added immense value to your community.
Thank you for your service, we are proud to support your commitment and dedication to the Jammu & Kashmir region. The partnership between Pritam Spiritual Foundation and Georgetown is a great testament to the strong ties between the United States of America and India; we hope to further strengthen our relation with Pritam Spiritual Foundation in the near future as we are confident that your work is improving the lives of countless people.
Thank you and congratulations for 25 years of service.

South Asian Society of Georgetown University,
Washington D.C., USA

Georgetown University
3700, 0 Street
Washington D.C.
United State of America