1.What is this charitable trust? Where is it located?

Pritam Spiritual Foundation is a registered charitable trust and has its head quarters at Poonch, a border district in Jammu and Kashmir. This registered trust has been in existence from1990 under the active stewardship of founder trustee and President Shri Jagbir Singh Sudan.

2.How does this charitable trust help the poor?

The trust has the distinction of continued service to humanity in the region of Rajouri, Poonch and other parts of the country. The trust has organized a number of camps for the needy and deserving for providing them with artificial limbs, hearing appliances etc. It has renovated and preserved a number of religious and historical places, irrespective of the religion, cast creed considerations. For details, visit Activities.

3.How is a beneficiary identified? On what criterion?

The beneficiaries are identified by the sole criterion of ingenuity and need without any consideration of religion, region, community, cast or creed.

4.Who is Funding it’s activities?

The trust is a very humble organisation, whose members are also its voluntary donors.

5. Is it an NGO?

YES, it is a Non Government Organisation.

6.What do you mean by Spiritual Trust?

It is called a Spiritual Trust because it is the coming together of people of different religions and beliefs who work for a common cause.

7.How can I participate in this movement and join hands with you?

We welcome your interest. This trust is gradually expanding through the collaborative efforts of like minded people. For details, visit Membership.

8.Where is Poonch?

Poonch is 240 kilometers from Jammu. This is surrounded by Pakistan from 3 sides. To get further details about Poonch Click Here.

9. What does this insignia indicate?

The Trust has derived its insignia from the learning’s of Late Sain Allahi Baksh Saheb ji. This insignia is a symbol of our philosophy – humanity and brotherhood of human-kind. The beneficiaries are identified by the sole criterion of ingenuity and need without any consideration of religion, region, community, cast or creed.

10.Has this charitable trust received any recognition?

The activities of Pritam Spiritual Foundation have been appreciated time and again. Please visit Honours and Awards for details.

11. Why is this called PRITAM SPIRITUAL TRUST? Who is Pritam?

This Foundation has been established by Shri Jagbir Singh in the memory of his father Late Sardar Pritam Singh on whose name the charitable trust is functioning.
The erstwhile Poonch state (now the district headquarters), had been an abode of Spiritual personalities as depicted in several old Hindu scripts.
This holds composite culture of all religions faith whether it is Dashnami Akhara Poonch, Buda Amaranaath, Gurudwara Nangali Saheb, Dargaah of Sain Allahi Baksh Saheb and Dargah of Sain Meera Saheb, famous temples of Ram Kund and Sakhi Maidan and Lorh Devta Mandir.
This diversity became main source of inspiration for all like minded Gurubhais and this resulted in Trust’s name to be Pritam Spiritual Foundation.

12. Who are the people behind it?

The charitable trust is registered and managed by the Board of trustees. For details, please visit Members.