To promote universal brotherhood through the gospel of love and faith in God while pursuing their own religion, religion’s traditions and culture.

To inculcate the principles of self reliance, upliftment of moral, social and spiritual values and to assist disabled, widows, orphans and other weaker sections to live harmoniously by providing suitable vocational training and scholarships.

To organize camps for providing limbs to handicapped, hearing aids to hearing impaired and eye camps for old and needy.

To hold and conduct religious/spiritual camps and organize langars, shelter and other necessities of life to needy people.

To undertake renovation, repairs and to preserve and maintain old shrines of all religions.

To build, establish, maintain and/or assist in the smooth running of homes for old, disabled or handicapped persons to alleviate sufferings of mankind especially in rural areas.

To form a brotherhood comprising an inter-religion and cross cultural conglomeration which would foster social services and understanding amongst the mankind.