For further details since 2006, please see our quarterly newsletters
our detailed activities before 2006 are as following:


Artificial Limbs 3298 Repairing of limbs 596
Hearing aids 144 Wheel Chairs 95
Polio calipers 411 Sewing Machines 163
Cataract Operations 1273 Orphan Marriages 38
Tricycles 127 Orthopaedic Shoes 77
Crutches 1200 Railway Concession Certificates 102



  • Organizing camps for the needy and physically challenged people to provide them with artificial limbs, hearing appliances etc. Provided free artificial limbs to several physically challenged victims of militancy, mine blast and cross border firing from different limb centers in India.
  • Organizing marriages of orphans, widows etc. Arranged marriages of several orphan girls.
  • Education of the needy children through scholarships every year. Distribution of school note books, clothes and woolens to school going and other children on different occasions.
  • Helping widows to resettle, helping able-bodied to be on their own.
  • Eye, ear care checkups and remedial. Participation in several polyclinic camps organised by Army with in Poonch & Rajouri Distt. Several Eye Camps.
  • Spiritual upliftment respecting the individuals religious beliefs.
  • Ensuring harmonious living/smooth relationship among people of different communities and beliefs.
  • Renovation and reconstruction of a number of religious and historical places. Seven old Shrines of all religions were constructed & renovated.
  • Assistance to childless couples for adoption of abandoned infants / orphan children. Adoption of 3 orphan children (In a legalised way).
  • Organizing “Langars”.
  • Distribution of bedding and clothing to poor.
  • Free distribution of religious Books of all religions to poor people every year.
  • Celebration of Urs Mubrakh of Hazart Sain Allahi Bakash Saheb ji since 1976.
  • Conducted tour for handicapped to visit historical and religious places.
  • Inspired by the activities of the Foundation, a book titled “Gardening Hints – easy to follow” has been published and dedicated to the Foundation by Late Brig. S.N. Datt, VSM one of the prominent earlier executive member of the Foundation. For details, his wife Mrs. Aabha Datt can be contacted at
  • The Trust has conducted a detail survey in rural areas of Distt. Poonch for handicapped & submitted the detail report in the form of a book to the Deputy-commissioner of Poonch.



  • To provide SPIRITUAL HEALING to the masses in need – on an average thrice a week. The Foundation helps one and all through prayers and meditation with the all inspiring blessings of the Almighty.
  • To provide SPIRITUALLY BLESSED HERBAL MEDICINES to the masses in need – on an average thrice a week. Amelioriate the sufferings of vast multitude in particular the poor, the orphans and the disabled.
  • To provide RELIGIOUS BOOKS OF ALL RELIGIONS / mantras to the masses in need – on an average thrice a week.
  • RENEW PEOPLE’S FAITH in the love of GOD with an objective of restoring mankind towards oneness coupled with worship of their own religious traditions and culture.

Promote universal brotherhood through the gospel of love. The Foundation strives continuously to form a “Brotherhood” comprising an INTER RELIGIOUS AND CROSS CULTURAL CONGLOMERATION which would foster social service amongst the humankind.